What Our Clients Are Saying


  • "Since 2009 LifeStreet has been a valued partner for GameDuell, delivering significant numbers of high quality customers. The team is easy to work with and is very good at what they do technically, creatively, and analytically. We look forward to further growing our business relationship over the coming years."

    — Luis Ongil, Managing Director, Americas, GameDuell Inc
  • "Zynga started advertising on the LifeStreet Media network in November of 2009, and we quickly realized they've become one of the largest sources of customer acquisition out there. We've continued advertising with LifeStreet Media because they're a well-run network that's been really effective for us."

    — John Marsland, User Acquisiton, Zynga
  • "With its dominance in the in-app social advertising space and proven mastery of Facebook-based display advertising, LifeStreet Media was a natural advertising partner for 6waves Lolapps. They helped us meet our customer acquisition goals and maintain and grow our share of the gaming market on Facebook. Their customized approach to performance advertising allowed us to pay only for customers who met our gaming adoption goals. Since 2008, LifeStreet has been an integral component of our customer acquisition strategy."

    — 6waves Lolapps


  • "East Side Games has been using LifeStreet's social publisher portal for almost two years, and we're delighted with the results. We've generated top payouts for our ad inventory, and working with the company has been great. The portal is so easy to use that we've been able to deploy ads onto our sites quickly and easily. Thanks to the customizable reporting function, we can generate real-time reports anytime, allowing us to make changes as necessary to maximize monetization. The portal is so robust that we'd almost never need to talk to an account manager, though it's a nice bonus that when we do want a real person, she responds almost immediately. In short, we've been happy with both the monetization results and the experience of working with LifeStreet. Mobile publishers should be thrilled to be gaining access to this powerful app monetization tool."

    — Jonathan Chew, Analyst, East Side Games Studio
  • "LifeStreet has proven to be a valuable monetization partner for the Doodle Jump titles. We've made a lot of money with them, integration to their system was a breeze and they're quick to respond to all inquiries. All in, they've been a great advertising partner for us."

    — Matt Turetzky, Chief Operating Officer, Lima Sky,
    publisher of the Doodle Jump games
  • "Working with LifeStreet to monetize our mobile apps has been a very positive experience. They deliver top payouts, and the integration process within our proprietary mediation platform was very straightforward. Their customer support has been top notch and very helpful. Being able to access real-time data anytime and getting paid so quickly have been real bonuses."

    — Pat Toulouse, President, Ratrod Studio,
    creator Drift Mania Championship games
  • "LifeStreet is hands-down the best social advertising company we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Not only do they provide CPMs far exceeding the competition, their customer service is by far the most responsive and professional out there."

    — Lee Kuo, Kudos Media
  • "Having worked with 10+ ad networks over the last two years, I can say with complete confidence that LifeStreet is and will continue to be the industry leader. They simply outperform the competition."

    — Shane Walker, Founder, Counterplay
  • "Fame Express is extremely pleased with LifeStreet's competitive CPMs, perfect record of on-time payments, and friendly people who are quick to respond whenever we need them."

    — Anand V. Chhatpar, Fame Express