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Earn more from your inventory with the leading in-app monetization engine. LifeStreet's breakthrough optimization platform, RevJet, serves billions of ads to over 350 million users monthly. Built on top of the world's first universal object server, RevJet applies a process called Iterative High Velocity Testing to any revenue driver impacting ad performance, from creative objects to trafficking decisions and revenue maximization algorithms. What this means for you is that an ad impression is literally worth more in our hands — which is how we've managed to put $175 million into our publishers' pockets so far.

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Break-through technology and unparalleled expertise produce the highest CPMs. In fact, publishers earned more with Lifestreet in 85% of tests run.

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Join the thousands of satisfied publishers who have benefitted from LifeStreet's fast, easy integrations; prompt payments across currencies; and responsive customer support.

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The data you need, when you need it. Real-time, customizable, self-serve reports highlight inventory levels and CPMs by date and geography. View sample reports.

Preserve Customer Experiences

Lightning fast, fluid ad delivery and local language ads preserve your customer experience.